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Industrial Hygiene

The protection of worker health and safety presents complex challenges to business decision makers. Regulatory enforcement remains aggressive.

Workers compensation costs continue to be a significant business concern. A strong health and safety program that emphasizes prevention of injuries and illness is the key to maintaining regulatory compliance, minimizing the impact of workers compensation losses, and reducing the potential for litigation to businesses as well as their material suppliers.

Businesses have found that improvements in their health and safety programs can have a positive impact on their bottom line.

“Worker health and safety is not just a laudable goal”

EBL provides a wide range of specialized health and safety consulting services to small business as well as multi-facility employers. Clients from the chemical, manufacturing, services, distribution, commercial, financial, and legal sectors rely on us to develop solutions that effectively address both business needs and health and safety program requirements. Our experienced and health and safety professionals offer clients comprehensive and integrated health, safety, and environmental capabilities, extensive technical expertise, and a long-standing reputation for excellence.

EBL Industrial Hygiene & Safety services include:

– Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessment
– Safety and Risk Management
– Indoor Environmental Quality and Microbial Assessment
– Materials Inspection and Management
– Auditing and Compliance Assurance
– Program and Procedure Development
– Onsite Services
– Education and Training, Management Systems


Hazard Analysis and Risk Control

Employers must take reasonable steps to ensure individuals, staff, contractors or third parties are provided a healthy and safe workplace. Project and process Hazard Analysis and Risk Control (HARC) and title specific Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) are used to evaluate potential risks to worker health and safety, and to develop control measures to manager those risks. When completed properly, HARC and JSA’s reports will increase employee awareness of potential safety risks and enhance compliance.

The risk analysis, mitigation and control process requires extensive process knowledge and keen investigative skills. If not completed correctly, a HARC or JSA may miss critical elements that can leave the worker and the company both at risk. Years of experience and knowledge of industrial and manufacturing processes of our more than 600 active clients throughout the world, from nearly every type of industrial process, has provided our staff with an extensive foundation for the identification and evaluation of potential health and safety risks.

“When completed properly, risk identification and control measures will increase employee awareness of potential safety risks and enhance compliance.”

Job Safety Analysis packages can include worksheets showing each job/task and the steps in each, list of potential incidents/accidents including an evaluation of the risk and possible severity, any current controls, recommendations, and an analysis of the possible risk levels after implementation of the recommendations. Task specific safe work practice summary cards containing step-by-step safe work practices with digital images illustrating key points can be used for training and posting at the specific work location or equipment.


Training and Management

Federal and state environmental and environmental health regulations contain many requirements for employee training. Failure to provide adequate training to employees results in thousands of dollars in fines and penalties each year. Training programs offered by EBL are designed to meet regulatory requirements and to enhance compliance. Combining job-site specific training with web-based training programs provides employers with a cost effective and efficient method to comply with training requirements.

“EBL provides employers with a cost effective and efficient method to comply.”

Flexible scheduling is critical to minimizing interruptions to production. Our instructors travel to your facility or the location of your choice to deliver the required training. Class sizes and the number of sessions can be adjusted to reduce production down-time. Monthly, quarterly, or annual training sessions may be presented in English, Spanish, or a combination of both and at the times and dates that are convenient for the workforce.

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